Help us register our NGO in DRC!

RAISED: $260.00

GOAL: $7,000.00

We have long wanted to register as an International NGO in DRC.  Recently, our dream has come about and we have started the process of legally becoming an NGO in DRC, not just in the U.S.  This will enable us to work with more freedom and legitimacy in DRC.  Up until now, we have limited our work to partnerships with existing Congolese NGOs.  We have realized that the Congolese women and men we have worked with over the past 8 years have dreams of their own, that sometimes fall beyond the current partnerships.  We now feel like this is the right time to be able to support the women and men we work with so that we can creatively and prayerfully work more independently in DRC, following the lead and dreams of our Congolese colleagues.  This also will allow us to have more freedom in the ways we work in DRC.  We are so excited to start this endeavor.  But, like all things involving registering an NGO in an overseas country, there are many steps that we have to follow and many unexpected costs that arise, beyond that which we can anticipate.  We are hoping to raise $7,000 so that we can still fully support all our existing programs while registering as an International NGO in DRC.  Please consider joining us as we take this big leap forward in our work in DRC.  Thank you!  Holly Mulford, Director Reeds of Hope


Sarah Calvo
SALT LAKE CITY, UT, United States
Mary Hoyt
Tucker, GA, United States